Kill the Plumber is coming to Steam!

UPDATE:  Kill the Plumber for Steam has been FUNDED on Kickstarter!

Thank you all for the support.


We have some great news!  Our good friends at TekiTown - Izzy, Keybol, Zach, and Jim - are building a super awesome, enhanced version of Kill the Plumber 2.  Our web version of the game is just a preview of what's to come.  The new Steam game, which is ALREADY GREENLIT and approved on Steam, is guaranteed to feature:

  • 100+ levels!
  • Grassland, dungeon, castle, beach, and underwater levels
  • 30+ playable characters
  • Recorded speedruns
  • Controller support

But we need your help.  This game will only exist if YOU support the developers!  Head over to the Kill the Plumber Kickstarter Page to support the project and make sure this game becomes a reality.

TekiTown has pledged to include even more content if they break their funding goals.  Check out what the developers have to say about this mega-upgrade to the Kill the Plumber series on their Kickstarter page.  Even if you can't donate to help fund this game, please share the game with your friends.  Let's all show our support so that Kill the Plumber for Steam can be the best possible game!