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Trophies & Leaderboards :)

Did someone say TROPHIES?
.... Yes!

 All our games on Dojo now provide you with the goodness of trophies and highscores.

Play them now to earn trophies and secure your place on the leaderboards!

Game Trophies Leaderboard
Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls
Bobby Da Arrow  
Jumping Long
Age of Wonder

Happy Playing ;)

Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls : Spread the Knowledge!

Follow the epic journey of Eratosthenes.

After discovering a secret room full of ancient wisdom in the great
library of Alexandria, you make it your mission to spread
that knowledge throughout the land.


Earn medals along the way


Also Available on Phones & Tablets!


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Walkthrough : Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls

Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls (Walkthrough)

Play the game here:

Best of Luck!


Walkthrough : Spanthera

Spanthera (Walkthrough)

Play the game here:

Best of Luck!


Bobby Da Arrow

Today we bring you our latest game, Bobby Da Arrow.

"This is really awesome. Love the gameplay. Like shooting/physics game where enemies are not static dumbases." - Darko Peninger

Goblins have invaded the paceful kingdom of Alreo!
Terrorizing villagers and Attacking the King's Army.
"We need our Best Man!" Cried the king.
And that best man is the most famed archer in all of the land...
Bobby Da Arrow!

Defeat the Goblin army through 30 exciting levels using your trusty bow and arrow.

Unlock fire and poison arrows along your journey to help you in your conquest.

Earn medals for your bravery and brag around ;)

Enjoy the game!

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