Hello Dojo-ers (or whatever it is you like to be called),

We're stoked to introduce you to one of our latest games, Potatoman Seeks The Troof. This game came out on Mac and PC a few years ago, but we recently had the pleasure of working with Dojo in order to bring you a version you can enjoy right now in the debilitating comfort of your own web browser.

So, what's with this Potatoman fellow anyway?  He's a naive sort of chap, freshly grown on some god-forsaken farm in Idaho.  He's searching for what we all are, really, but his journey is going to be a bit more... painful.  Keep on with it though, as the TROOF is worth all the hurt his crazy world can throw at him.

Don't listen to that scorpion!  Never turn back, always be seeking and ye shall find.  Unless you don't...  that's not our problem though.  The TROOF is definitely in this game, you'll just need to brush up on your hardcore platforming skills in order to find it.  You DO have platforming skills, don't you?  If not, they are on sale at WalMart this week.  Or was that last week?...  No matter. .. GO PLAY IT!