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Moocho Brain


We believe in game design that challenges accepted patterns. We believe in games that delight and demand thinking from players. We believe in making these ideals tangible through beautiful art and superb music. And we believe in joyful collaborations that defiantly create joy in a world permeated by tragedy.

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Rancho Ranch



A matching game that makes you think? Rancho Ranch innovates on matching games in literally twisted ways.

Help a hapless rancher break an alien curse by channeling the life energy of the herd. Twist clockwise, twist counterclockwise, utter an occasional cry of despair, until that "woot" moment when all the farm animals of a kind are connected to each other.

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Connect all farm animals of a kind to each other.

Click the right side of a crop circle to twist clockwise.

Click the left side to twist counterclockwise.

Avoid predators.

Feed hungry or thirsty farm animals.

Watch out for uni-directional crop circles.

Wormholes swap stuff.

Walkthrough: http://www.dojo.com/blog/walkthrough-rancho-ranch


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