The Enchanted Cave 2

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Dustin Auxier


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Grant Kirkhope


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The Enchanted Cave 2



Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as possible! Find rare artifacts, gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill tree to become your choice of a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a mix of skills. Craft potions, enchant your equipment, and discover secret areas! But be careful because the cave has become quite dangerous lately with more explorers are going missing each day...


Instructions in-game (listen to the cave guard!)

Can be played using only a mouse, but optionally:

WASD, arrow keys, or click anywhere to move.
Number keys - hotkey bar
Esc - Open / close menus
M - Quick mute/unmute audio
Ctrl / Cmd - Quick Save


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